Running Man Episode Recaps 500 – 599

Running Man on the street

Episode 528

Running Man finishes up the two-part special on Jeju Island. This time, they partner up with a member and arrive on the scene as different people who are about to take a packaged tour of the island.

However, each course they take will cost money, and only five members will get to go on each packaged trip.

The members left behind play games where the loser pays for the five out having a blast.


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Episode 527

Running Man visits Jeju Island in a very long time and gets the cast pumped up. Guests Han Ji Eun, Choi Yeo Jin, So E Hyun, and Lee Ju Bin join them as team leaders for the race.

The wind, women, and rocks will represent Jeju Island as each team tries to collect one of each card through a series of missions and games. However, there is a bomb card capable of dropping them out of the race.

Like always, the losing team faces a penalty, and the winning team wins a prize.


Episode 526

Lee Je Hoon and Im Won Hee join the show as special guests in a race of betrayal between cops and robbers.

They have all gathered to rob a tomb organized by the chairperson of the Tomb Robbery Association. Among them, two police officers secretly investigate to reveal the chairperson’s identity.

However, the robbers and officers can betray one another, making the task difficult. Who would have guessed!


Episode 525

BLACKPINK joins the members in ‘Save Us From Probability’, a race in which the members’ fates are determined by probability.

The goal is to get as little “penalty rice cakes” as possible in order to avoid getting the penalty. Will the BLACKPINK members be able to win the prize, or will they get penalized?

The mood detecting rabbit ears featured in this episode have been discontinued by the manufacturer, but you can still find them at Bonanza and Amazon.


Episode 524

In episode 524, the members participate in the Precious Sisters Race to find their original resolution and look back on how harshly they’ve been treating their female members.

Ji Hyo and So Min give bomb badges to any member who treats them badly. The four members with the most bomb badges become the candidates to get the penalty.

Our Thoughts
This was a great episode for Song Ji Hyo and reminiscing about her first episodes as a cast member.
Overall Humor
Overall Entertainment
Great footage of early Ji Hyo
Slower paced episode


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Episode 523


Episode 522


Episode 521


Episode 520


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