Daniel Craig and Yu Jae Suk

Why Daniel Craig on Running Man Would be One of the Best Episodes Ever

Here’s an idea so good, it has it’s own…licence to kill.

The new James Bond movie, No Time To Die will be hitting theaters in the US in November 2020. We are hoping that the stars will align and that SBS can lure Daniel Craig and cast to be guests on an episode of Running Man.

First, let’s check out the official trailer:

Looks pretty good, right?

Now dear runners, let’s imagine for a minute, the Bond people do a promotional visit to Seoul and SBS manages to get Daniel and cast on the show for an incredible episode featuring Yooames Bond and the real James Bond together in one spectacular episode.

I really believe that would be an episode for the ages. They have already had A listers such as Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds, and Jackie Chan on the show.

There is no reason they cannot land Daniel Craig, if the Bond people do promotional work in South Korea.

The concept opportunities are endless! But certainly they must try to have Daniel participate in a name tag elimination of some kind.

Can you imagine Jong Kook as an arch villain, in an epic showdown against the two Bonds? Please let this happen!

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