Kwang Soo Getting Slapped Never Gets Old

Kwang Soo is hilarious in a number of different ways. But in this short compilation video of poor Kwang Soo getting slapped by different Running Man members….it’s rather hard to pick a favorite. The first slap by Jae Suk is clearly a great one. While Kwang Soo is gently playing the piano, Jae Suk is clearly not very impressed. He just calmy walks up to Kwang Soo and launches a back hand slap at the unsuspecting Kwang Soo. I am not sure how Kwang Soo can laugh it off so immediately after being slapped but that is a big part of the charm. It is very reminiscent of John Ritter’s character, Jack Tripper in Three’s Company. A bit splapstick, physical comedy.

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