My Excessively Boring Introduction

Hello readers! …or should I say… RUNNERS?!?! 😀 Welcome to my very first post!!! There is at least a 70% chance that you clicked on this link to see Running Man stuff, and that’s what I’m gonna give you!!! Perhaps a good way to start on t is to see a broad overview of my opinions of Running Man and the plans for this Blog:

Favorite Members: Everyone’s awesome, but Kim Jong Kook is my favorite!

Favorite Games: Wow, this is incredibly difficult… probably name-tag eliminations and solving mysteries? (aegyo?)

Why I love Running Man: Good heavens, how do I even start!? The members (most important), the concept, the plots, the plot twists, the eating, the suspense, ok there are simply too many to list.

The main purpose of this blog: To talk about Running Man stuff from a more casual perspective! 😀

That being said, I gotta get running!!! Until next time, 안녕!!!

– Jang Mi (장미)

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